"Fred Giovannitti is that rarity…"  - Fast Company Magazine

fred giovannittiWith his out-of-the-box thinking and a knack for innovation, Fred Giovannitti has played a key role in supplying a crucial element of artistic vision to countless projects, both private and corporate.

He is an internationally known artist and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience developing trend-setting marketing strategies and ground breaking ideas.

Fred Giovannitti has also received international published acclaim for his unique ability to visually portray innovative ideas and concepts that have proven in the field to have the potential to solve some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues.

He has successfully mentored many talented proteges into becoming leaders of their own fields as well as helping people daily with their own specific issues through his unique brand of artistic therapy.

Inventor and philanthropist, Fred Giovannitti enjoys his quiet, rural Delaware lifestyle for the majority of his time. At his studio, he provides his unique blend of artistry and empathy to grateful clients on a strict appointment only basis. At home in Delaware he primarily enjoys spending time being a full time dad to his 2 children, while intermittently working on household DIY projects and designing innovative solutions to global energy problems. Fred also enjoys an enthusiastic view on the benefits of clean living and is an outspoken advocate for compassion and empathy.